Virginia's subsystem

There's a recurring theme between everyone here which I won't elaborate on, but if you pick up on it because of the introjects or things implied on this page, you could probably guess what their deal is. I like them all and they do a huge amount for the system, but I don't know why we kept splitting people to manage this. Most of the issues we have that they deal with arose from within the system (exclusively Luce) and we only had minor external issues with this prior to Luce showing up.

Subsystem members


~19-21? ☆ she/her

  • kind of like. a doll . sort of. looks kind of like a couple of european actresses from 40-50 years ago, or some paintings malcolm liepke has done of women (the latter is pictured in the center left of the moodboard)
  • deals with similar shit to what persis deals with. pretty fed up with it
  • can turn Off involuntarily. like No Thoughts Head Empty when faced with stuff that would fuck with our emotions. usually this is luce's doing
  • trying to learn who she is as a person

  • Yasuho

    19 ☆ she/her

  • introject of yasuho hirose from jjba jojolion
  • one of the more responsible people in our system
  • tends to roll with the punches a lot more than most

  • Miwako

    18 ☆ she/her

  • introject of miwako sakurada from paradise kiss
  • a total sweetheart. though she tends to divert people's concerns away from her when she's been hurt
  • has a strong sense of aesthetics
  • Miwako's tumblr (we keep it updated even when she isn't active)


    early teens ☆ she/her

  • introject of paige michalchuk from degrassi?
  • (we do not watch degrassi.)
  • early 2000s teen girl?

  • Lucy Steel

    14-16 ☆ she/her

  • introject of lucy steel from jjba steel ball run
  • tired of this bullshit

  • Grace

    17 ☆ she/her

  • sort of an introject of baby grace blue from bowie's 1. Outside album except alive and older
  • kind of a goth from the 90s
  • likes industrial music despite our lack of exploration of the genre
  • Grace's tumblr


    18-19 ish ☆ she/her

  • aware of way more system things than most of us
  • very blunt about certain subjects
  • probably a protector. she takes absolutely no shit