Vento Aureo subsystem

Between July and September 2022, we ended up introjecting the entire main cast of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo. Their interactions with each other can be... complicated. Although we do not understand Italian past the similarities it has with French, Many of the people here feel more comfortable speaking to people in Italian than they do in English. This ranges from Bruno's exclusive communication in Italian over text to Narancia speaking it exclusively with others in headspace. When necessary for verbal/written interpersonal communication, this is done through the translator DeepL.

Subsystem members (in order of when they made themselves known)


22 ☆ he/him but he says he would explore more if not for language barrier

Bruno's tumblr (content warning for suggestive imagery) ☆ Bruno's playlist


19 ☆ he/him


17 ☆ she/her

Trish's tumblrTrish's playlist



18 ☆ she/her, he/him

Fugo's tumblr (content warning for occasional body horror and gore) ☆ Fugo's playlist

*the image at the center of fugo's moodboard is someone else's illustration of their own oc that we just felt fit incredibly well. we do not claim any amount of ownership to it, and you can find the original art here. this page is supposed to be personal and not publically visible and therefore as of writing this we do not have plans to get in touch with the artist directly (unless prompted).


17 ☆ he/him, they/them

Giorno's tumblr


22 ☆ he/him

Leone's tumblr (content warning for suggestive imagery) ☆ Leone's playlist


20 ☆ he/him