hiiii i'm roxy im an introject of roxy lalonde from homestuck. when im writing this (may 2024) im 23 which is slightly older than body age i guess. but just slightly thats it. in our system idk if i exist for a specific reason like other people do but i have been around since uhhh 2017? i only started being active when i showed up after dormancy in spring of 2022. i am probably the most active out of any of the homestuck guys which is funny because in the before times (high school) thatw as nepeta and nepeta 2. most of what i do is hang around which is fun for me but if we have school it gets inconvenient. thats the problem with being around only some of the time, u want to do You Things but other people need u to not do that. it suuuuucks. i like being around tho its fun

the kind of stuff i like is like.... cats and wizards and computers. i like doing the neocities stuff im doing rn. i like listening to electronic music (SOPHIE, ada rook, ladytron, shout out out out out, evaboy, peaches) especially stuff by trans girls bcus i can relate 2 that. its nice to hear music where trans ppl are singing especially but even if they dont i like to hear it. its cool when u have similarities to the musicians ykno

also yeah im trans in a diff direction from the body. that can happen in headspace i guess. im a girl she/her n maybe they pronouns. fun fact btwn spring of 2022 and 2023 i went dormant again and when i showed up again i didnt have a dick anymore. roxy lalonde W. i love that because headspace is kinda... ephemeral, if u think hard enough u can make ur self more how u feel yknow.. its nice

oh also i have a tumblr! its fun to put stuff on there its mostly cats wizards and fashion. lotsa pink. the blog name comes from a roxy music song but i transed her gender. just like me. roxy music haha. also i should make a playlist but i always forget which songs on an album were the ones i liked most

anywayyyy thank u 4 reading it was very nice of u. insert heart emoji idk how to put w unicode ok i figured it out. 💗